Following Jesus is-easier than you think

Do you ever feel that following Jesus is hard? When you hear Pastor Josh on Wednesday evenings talk about what it looks like to be a follow of Jesus, has the thought ever came to you, “That’s easy for you. You’re a pastor. Following Jesus is not that easy for me.” If you have thought that before, here are a few things that might help you.

It’s really important that you don’t allow the thought to linger in your mind, and eventually come out of your mouth, that “following Jesus is hard for me.” Take a moment to read Philippians 4:8. This should be one of your life verses. It tells you what you should spend your time thinking about. If you find yourself thinking things that are opposite of what God says, then it’s not from Him and you shouldn’t give it any space in your thought life. Challenge yourself to say, “Following Jesus is easy for me” several times a day. Over time, you will realize it really isn’t hard at all. But, it will always be hard if you continue to tell yourself that.

Also, don’t look at following Jesus as you having to live a perfect life. No one can accomplish that. Instead of focusing on how you will live your entire life as a Jesus follower, choose to break life up into moments. We have countless moments in each day to make the right choices that keep us on that path of following Jesus. Getting ready for school is a moment. In that moment say to yourself that you are going to make a choice to follow Jesus when you hit the campus that day. Another moment you will have is walking to classes with friends, who will often be talking badly about someone else. In that moment, make a choice. Refuse to join their conversation and instead, talk to God about something that’s on your mind. Your life is a series of countless moments. So don’t be overwhelmed with looking at your life as a whole and feeling like there is just no way you can live it as a perfect follower of Jesus. Instead, take it one day at a time, and break that day up into moments. And in each one, make the choice to follow and honor Him. And when you mess up, it’s okay, because not only does He forgive you, you will be faced almost immediately with another moment to make the right choice!

This Week

Ideas for how to grow your relationship with the Lord

  • Say, “following Jesus is easy for me” several times a day.

  • Before you go to bed, think back to your day and make a mental note of 1 of the moments you had that day where you made the choice to follow Jesus.

  • After reading Philippians 4:8, write down 2 things it talks about that you should be thinking on, but that you struggle with. Work on improving those 2 things this week!

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