You Were Made for More

Did you know the way you live your life matters so much more than you could ever imagine? Did you know life is more than friends, high school, whatever drama you are going through, and what’s happening (good or bad) at home? Open up your bible and read what Jesus said in Mark 16:15. What is He telling you to do? How can you live this verse out in your everyday life?

It’s easy as a teenager to get caught up in the day to day things of life. To feel like school is dragging, to feel like you will always have friend drama, to feel like your family life is hopeless. But you have been hand picked by God for this exact time in history. He wants you to live above the cares that surround you and focus on how you can be a light to those around you. He wants you to live your life with a bigger purpose in mind. People. Eternity. And how others around you can encounter Him to where their lives are never the same.

One day the things that seem to matter so much right now, won’t be important. You may not even be friends with most of the people you are friends with now. You will have your own family, and completely different things that consume your time. But the people’s lives you are impacting now will have a lifelong impact. You could be the only Jesus your friends ever see! We are called to be fishers of men. We are called to go into the world and share with everyone that they too have a hope, a future, and are loved by Jesus. But they will only know that by how you live your life. By the Jesus they see in you, and the Jesus they meet when you invite them to church. Who has been on your heart to invite to 418? Invite the and let them meet the One who can change their lives forever!

This Week

Ideals for how to grow your relationship with the Lord

  • Open your bible every day and read at least 1 verse

  • Begin to pray and ask God to show you who you can invite to church and 418. Then pray for them and invite them.

  • Ask God what it means for you personally to be a fisher of men. Then begin to change the way you live your life in those areas so more people see Jesus in you.

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