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Read Psalm 16:11 and see what God told David about being in his presence.

The presence of God is something we need to be desiring all the time, not just on Wednesday at 418 and at church on Sunday. David was called “a man after God’s own heart” and that’s because he was constantly striving to be in (and stay in) his presence. He didn’t just crave God’s presence once or twice a week, he wanted it all the time. And he lived a life where the presence of God was always with him. How did he do it? He talked to God constantly. He cried out to God when he was in trouble, he cried out when he was angry, he cried out when he was scared, and he cried out when he was thankful. In all that David went through, he made sure he never compromised his relationship with God.

How can you live a life like David? How can you live a life where the presence of God is always around you? That answer is so simple, yet so difficult. You simply make a conscious effort to love, talk to, and worship God more often. When it’s quiet, talk to him. When you are scared, pray for comfort. When you are happy, thank him. When you are alone in your room, worship him. The problem is, the distractions you have around you, most likely steal your time, leaving you no time to even think about God, let alone, worship him.

What excuses do you find yourself making for why you can’t spend time with God? What distractions steal all your extra time? Did you know if you have 5 minutes free in your day, you don’t have to take out your cell phone?! Crazy right?! You can leave it in your pocket and take that time to talk to God. If you want to live a life where Gods presence is felt by you and seen by others, you simply need to spend more time with the one who created you. God doesn’t expect you to join a monastery and never do anything. Not at all! But when we have an amazing night at 418, it’s because you came hungry, loved on God, worshiped him, and expected him to show up. You can do that at home too! You can do it at school and even when you’re in the car. Be hungry for God all the time, love him and tell him, talk to him in all the seasons of your life, worship him, and expect him to show up! That way, whatever “room” God’s in, you will be there too.

This Week

Ideals for how to grow your relationship with the Lord

  • Open your bible every day and read at least 1 verse

  • Pick a worship song to listen to before you go to bed and thank God for your day

  • Instead of getting on Snapchat or Facebook when you have a few minutes of free time, choose to use that time to talk to God

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