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There's a New Voice in Teen Entertainment

In 2012, God released a passion into the heart of a youth pastor, Joshua Knudsen, a passion to be a voice that proclaims truth to teenagers in the middle of a world that is shouting lies. But, he knew he had to reach them where they were. So, he started Christian Clubs in a local high school, began traveling and speaking at schools, started creating on YouTube, developed an app called 418 Revolution to help Christian teens become empowered in their faith so they can impact the world around them, and has recently created his first short film just for teens. 

Why A Short Film??

This short film is a building block in a bigger plan to use multiple mediums of media to educate and empower teens to be bold followers of Jesus and impact their schools and social circles with the love of God. Our hope is that this first short film will 1. Cause them to download the 418 Revolution App which offers shows, Bible studies, teachings, and community that will help their faith grow stronger and encourage them to be bold in their faith! 2. If we can get enough support behind this first short film, it will allow us to create more content like this, and even create full seasons of God-centered, fun entertainment with a purpose. 

So what do you want from me, money? 

NOPE! All we are asking is for your support and a little bit of time. (Here we go with the numbers again.) 1. Sign up to watch a free PRE-SCREENING of the short film. The event will be on July 10th at 6pm PST. At the end of the screening, there will be a chance for you to chat with Joshua to get more information if you'd like. 2. Share it, share it, share it. We would love for you to tell your audience about the short on your social media, in your youth groups, in newsletters, whatever! (Yes, Joshua is available for interviews) 3. Tell your audience about the 418 Revolution App. We know that this app has a huge role to play in the culture battle we are currently in. 

What if I Can't Attend the Pre-Screening?

We know that you're busy so we will make sure that after the prescreening, it is available on this page for you to access and take part. Plus you can reach out to Joshua to have a one-on-one conversation with him using this email ( 

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