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Joshua Knudsen is a husband, father, pastor, author and visionary and revivalist. He has been pastoring teens with his wife, Liana, for over 7 years. His desire is to bring revival to the teens of his city, across the nation and globe. Pastor Josh's ability to connect with young people to help them understand and connect with God has allowed hundreds of teens to encounter Jesus in a life altering way. Joshua's desire to reach teens has caused him to dream of and create multiple venues to, as he puts it, "be where they are". He has put on a city wide teen event called Alive! Teen Fest; put on outreach events,volunteers at a local high school, created a mobile youth center called 418Mobile, has a YouTube show called 418 REVOLUTION and has visions of much more. Currently Pastor Josh is writing the first of a collection of books for teens called, "A Teens Guide to: Knowing God". This book will not only teach teens about God, but help them to personally get to know Him. 


If you would like to have Pastor Joshua speak at an event, please contact him via email. To watch or listen to a sermon, check out the audio or video podcasts

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