You have just decided to be a follower of 

Jesus in an adventure that can be more exciting than any action movie, more thrilling than any video game, and more fun than any amusement park (yes, that means Disneyland!). There will be good times, hard times, and in-between times, but through it all, God, your Father, will never leave you!

What if..

I have doubts? - Sometimes this happens. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, God has left you, or what you did wasn’t real. Sometimes our mind needs to catch up with what our heart has decided. Let your doubts cause you to find out more of who God is to solidify your faith in Him. 

I sin? - Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to re-accept Jesus. The Bible says if we tell God we’ve sinned, He’s faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from those sins. Just run to God, not away from Him. He loves You! (1 John 1:9) 

my friends and family don’t know Jesus? - It’s now your job to tell them about Jesus and help them to follow Him, just like you are. God has given you the awesome job of teaching others about His love and sacrifice for them. Remember to pray for them, love them, and tell them about God’s love. If you think you don’t know enough, you can always tell them your story and what Jesus did for you! (Matthew 28:19,20) 

I get made fun of...or worse? - Jesus said this is to be expected. In fact, the more you follow Jesus, the more you may realize how different you are from those you were closest to, and this can cause conflict. You now have the Light inside of you and those who don't know Jesus, the Bible, says are dark until they do know Him, and the darkness doesn't like the light. When you are hurt because of those who don’t know Jesus, run to Him and know that you are being a great light and He is proud of you. He has great rewards for you because of your love for Him.

Spend Time With God

Spend The First 2 Minutes Worshiping God- This means to tell God how much you love Him and to thank Him for loving you. You can also listen to music that helps you worship. 

Next 2 minutes- Begin talking to God by GIVING HIM THANKS- Think of things to be thankful for. Your family, friends, food, Jesus saving you, stuff like that. 

Next 1 Minute- Talk to God Some More- REPENT. CONFESS your sins and tell Him you are SORRY. 

Repent (turn away from) for things you did that were wrong. 

Ask Holy Spirit to help you not to do those things anymore. 

Thank Jesus for forgiving you for things you may have done. wrong but you didn’t know were wrong. 

Ask Holy Spirit to tell you when you are doing something wrong. (Ask a pastor a leader about Holy Spirit if you don’t understand who that is and what He does for you.) 

1 minute- Ask Jesus for what you want- It could be to grow closer to Jesus or any needs you may have. 

1 minute-PRAY For the Needs of Others- Family, friends, help on a test, anything. 

1- minute- Read you Bible- Read a verse in the Bible and ask God to show you something that can help your life or help you get to know about Jesus more. The book called Proverbs is good or the book called John. 

2 minutes- Listen- Be quiet and believe God will speak to you, write down what you think you hear 

1 Minute- Close with Thanking and Worshipping Jesus 

Remember God is with you 24/7. You can talk to Him any time you want!