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It's hard for a teenager to stay connected to God. With the 418 Revolution app, you will have what you need to connect with God and grow spiritually.

The 418 Revolution app is built with teens in mind. If you're in middle school, high school, or even college, this FREE app is designed to give you tools to grow in your relationship with God, become confident in your faith, and get empowered to change the world around you. New content is being added every week to make you laugh, learn, grow, and become a stronger follower of Jesus.


-Devotionals designed specifically for teenagers will help you spend time with God and get closer to Him.


- Discover new music by connecting to 418s favorite Spotify playlists for WORSHIP, STUDYING, WORKING OUT, HIP HOP, and CHILLING WITH FRIENDS. These playlists are updated monthly and will discover artists you've never heard before! (You will be required to download the free version of Spotify to connect.)


- Videos, videos, videos! There are a ton of videos for you to watch. laugh and learn from and more are being added all the time! You get the full messages from 418 youth ministry, Q&As where Pastors Josh and Liana answer your questions, ceReal talks with Josh and Ben where they hilariously discuss current events and what the Bible says about them, YEET MOTHER episodes where we help you learn more about God and how to live for Him. Plus a ton more for you to discover!


- Podcasts! Listen to the 418 messages, ceReal talks, and Q&A while you do homework, take a walk, exercise, or just hang out in your favorite chill spot.


-Theology! We don't want you to just believe what you've heard, we want you to know why you believe. New videos are being uploaded that will teach you not just what you believe but why you believe it. These teachings will help you defend your faith and more importantly effectively share it with other people.

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